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WordPress Hosting

WP-Annex offers full service WordPress hosting for your website needs. And that makes us very different from your typical web host.

What does your web host really do?

Basically, they provide a place for you to have your WordPress website. That’s it.

  • Need support with WordPress? – you have to hire someone.
  • Need to update WordPress? – you have to hire someone.
  • Need WordPress to be Secure? – you have to hire someone.
  • Need WordPress backed up? – you have to hire someone.
  • Need help with WordPress? – you have to hire that out too.

WPAnnex changes all that.

Gone are the days where your web host tells you ‘we don’t support WordPress’ (and nearly all say that).

At WPAnnex we host your WordPress website – but that’s only the beginning.

  • We do all setup, installation, and configuration for you
  • We constantly maintain, upgrade and keep your website updated
  • We secure your website from hackers
  • We do nightly backups of your entire site
  • We provide 1on1 hosting support

And then to top it off, we teach you how to use WordPress to manage your website.

What we do is so much more than your web host can do. We focus only on WordPress and provide all the support, training and technical upkeep you need so you don’t have to worry about it. Think of us as your very own IT department for your website. And we’re not expensive…

Oh, and you’re probably wondering about your website’s design… Well, we take care of everything – including your design.

Check out our Packages orĀ  Contact us. We have a package that fits every budget.

Now I know you want to find out more. If you prefer, you can contact me, Dawud, by phone at 303/835-6905 or send me an email.

Whether you’ve got an existing WordPress website or need a new website, we’re here to support you for the long haul.

Let us take care of all the techie stuff so you don’t have to…

Talk to you soon, Dawud & Chris, Co-Founders, WPAnnex.